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Roman Starovoit
Governor the Kursk region

 House of Soviets, Red Square 1, Kursk

Dear residents and guests of the Kursk region! I am glad to welcome you on the Investment Portal of the Kursk region!

Kursk region is a developed and fairly ecologically clean industrial and agricultural region, located in a climatic zone favorable for intensive farming and livestock raising, has unique natural resources in terms of volume and diversity, developed transport infrastructure, and a high level of energy supply.

All this allows our region to be attractive for the implementation of effective international projects and investment programs.

In the region, JSC "Agency for Attracting Investments of the Kursk Region" was created, which carries out work on the selection of land plots for the creation of industrial parks and investment sites that can be offered to potential investors for the construction of industrial enterprises, and AUKO "Corporation for the Development of the Kursk Region", which implements the investor's work on the principle of "one window". There is a Council for Improving the Investment Climate and Investor Relations, whose main task is to make decisions on the most important issues in the investment area.

Events are held annually to promote the investment potential of the region.

Indicators of the region

88,3 %

data on the results of 2021

Agricultural production index

118,6 %

data on the results of 2021

Investment in fixed assets

38 922,4 ₽ (RUB)

data for 11 months of 2021

Average monthly nominal accrued wages of employees

2228,0 $ million (USD)

data on the results of 2021

Foreign trade turnover

0,66 %

data as of January 1 , 2022

The level of registered unemployment

575,2 ₽ billion (RUB)

data on the results of 2021
Volume of shipped goods of own production, performed works and services

111,4 %

data on the results of 2021

Industrial production index

103,5 %

data on the results of 2021

Production index by type of activity "Mining"

121,1 %

data on the results of 2021

Production index by type of activity "Manufacturing"

98,1 %

data on the results of 2021

Production index by type of activity "Electricity, gas and steam supply, air conditioning"

105,6 %

data for 10 months of 2021

Index of production by type of activity «water Supply, water disposal, waste collection and disposal, pollution control activities»

4,5 million tons

data on the results of 2021

Threshed grains

155,2 million things

data on the results of 2021

Egg production

359,5 thousand tons

data on the results of 2021

Milk production

602,7 thousand tons

data on the results of 2021

Livestock and poultry production (for slaughter in live weight)

126,2 %

data on the results of 2021

Index of the physical volume of work performed by the type of activity "Construction"

566 thousand square meters

data on the results of 2021

Commissioning residential building

122,3 km

data on the results of 2021

Commissioning gas network

3,6 million tons

data on the results of 2021

Sugar beet production

Competitive advantages

Geographical position

Kursk region is a dynamically developing industrial and agricultural region. The territory of the region covers an area of 30 thousand km2 and is located at the intersection of the most important transport and trade routes of Russia, connecting the west and east, north and south.


Two railway lines, Moska-Kharkov and Voronezh-Kiev, pass through the territory of the region; there are 3 large railway junctions: Kursk, Lgov, Kastomay a. The motorways and the railway network connect the Kursk region with Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, industrial centers of Ukraine and the Caucasus.

Energy security

The region has a high energy supply and the presence of reserves of electric power capacities due to the operation of the Kursk NPP. The specific weight of the region in the Russian Federation in the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water is 1.3%. More than 70% of the generated electricity is supplied to 19 regions of Russia.

Natural resources

Kursk region is located in the center of the Kursk iron ore province, known as the Kursk magnetic anomaly, providing raw materials for Russian and foreign metallurgy.

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